Karate New Year 2020

For the new year 2020, to all the worldwide karate family, I wish unity and integrity.

     63 years after Gishin Funakoshi’s death, 63 years after the first Japan Karate Championships, we are going to be witnesses of karate presence at the Olympic Games. As our big Mystic Master Funakoshi had predicted, sport kills our art. We observe many conflicts produced by ego-maniacs who are karate movement leaders. We, as the karate society, deserve a better future for our young students raised in the glory of karate ideas.

     Today it does not matter if you consider karate as a martial art or as a beautiful sport. Karate has became a perfect system for development of human beings and from this point of view it deserves to be protected for the Generations Next!

     So we all have to be less selfish guardians of the truth and purity located in the “Dojo Kun”.

God bless you all my karate Brothers and Sisters!


Dariusz Bajkowski

#karate #pzk #wkf #pksn #pkol


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